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Journal of Multiple Sclerosis 7(1):14-17, 2016
Tumefactive Demyelinating Lesion Mimicking Glioma
Young-Do Kim, MD1, Eu-Jene Choi, MD1, Sung-Woo Chung, MD1, Tae-Won Kim, MD1, Lee-So Maeng, MD2
Department of 1Neurology and 2Hospital Pathology, College of Medicine, Incheon St. Mary\'s Hospital, The Catholic University
A 43-year-old male presented with right side clumsiness for 7 days. Brain magnetic resonance imaging showed a large ring lesion with gadolinium enhancement in the left parietal lobe, suspicious for brain tumor. We recognized through brain biopsy that it would not be a brain tumor but a tumefactive demyelinating lesion. Our report of the clinical, radiological and pathological features of a tumefactive demyelinating lesion reemphasize that such a demyelinating process should also be considered in the differential diagnosis of tumor-like brain lesions.

Journal of Multiple Sclerosis
7(1):14-17, 2016
KEY WORDS : Tumefactive, Demyelination, Brain tumor