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Journal of Multiple Sclerosis 7(1):1-8, 2016
What’s New in 2014-2015: Neuromyelitis Optica
Seon Ah Lee1, Jee-Eun Kim, MD, PhD2
1Research Institute, Seoul Medical Center; 2Department of Neurology, Seoul Medical Center, Seoul, Korea
Neuromyelitis optica (NMO) is another idiopathic, severe demyelinating disease that preferentially involves optic nerves and spinal cord. NMO has been frequently misclassified as multiple sclerosis (MS) previously due to its similar clinical presentation. However, growing knowledge of NMO enables clinician to differentiate it from MS by clinical, laboratory (especially by presence of aquaporin- 4 antibodies), neuroimaging, and pathological characteristics. In 2014-2015, there were striking efforts to integrate the knowledge of NMO and to suggest more sensitive and accurate diagnostic criteria by international panel. In this review, we summarized recently obtained knowledge of NMO focusing its clinical and laboratory findings, therapy and highlighted the new diagnostic criteria for NMO, 2015.

Journal of Multiple Sclerosis
7(1):1-8, 2016
KEY WORDS : Neuromyelitis optica, Diagnostic criteria, Biomarkers, Therapy